Community Redis and default TLS

Hi there,

I have just implemented TLS on a stand-alone Redis community edition using this github page:

All went very well on Ubuntu and I managed to implement on Centos8 with a bit of tweaking.

I just wondered if there are plans for TLS support to be default i.e. after a yum/apt install as opposed to a compile?

Then I also wondered (and I am testing this myself and will report back :grinning: ) If once I, let’s say have three nodes completed with TLS installed, if then making a Sentinel cluster out of these has any issues.



Hi John,

I’ll let other weigh in on whether TLS will be available by default on compile, but yes you can run Sentinel with TLS. Some docs mention this here: TLS Support – Redis


Hi Kyle,

thanks very much for the reply. Yes I was encouraged by the data in the link. Will plug in progress here as we go along.