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Hi guys,

I am new to Redis modules and want to create this so that we can use it to curate a list or repository of great materials one can use in learning about Redis Modules so please, kindly add awesome links here so everyone can benefit from it.

Thanks :pray:t5:

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There are currently 7 Redis Modules that are supported by Redis Labs. If you donโ€™t know where to start, I would start with RediSearch and RedisJSON. RedisGears is also very interesting.

  1. RediSearch - https://redisearch.io
  2. RedisGraph - https://redisgraph.io
  3. RedisTimeSeries - https://redistimeseries.io
  4. RedisJSON - https://redisjson.io
  5. RedisBloom - https://redisbloom.io
  6. RedisAI - https://redisai.io
  7. RedisGears - https://redisgears.io

There are additional modules at Redis Modules Hub.


Thank you so much, Dave :pray:t5: for providing these awesome resources. I am sure it will help so many of us a lot

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For RediSearch you can also join the Redis University and do the following course:



Thank you, Tug for sharing :clap: Oh yes, I will definitely check it out

:rotating_light::rotating_light: Amazing News :rotating_light::rotating_light:

I have just completed and earned a certificate in RediSearch from the Redis University based on the recommendation of @tgrall, Thank you so much, man :clap:t3:

This is my first of Redis Module and pretty much my introduction to the world of Redis Modules.
What I discovered is that for me to take benefit of the full offerings of various amazing Redis modules, itโ€™s important that I fully understand vanilla Redis, explore itโ€™s limitations and then employ Redis modules to solve some of the challenges posed by vanilla Redis, then and only then will I appreciate the importance and advantages of Redis modules.

So, I will be exploring Redis in details in the coming weeks or months.

My certificate can be found here https://university.redislabs.com/certificates/user/55549/course/course-v1:redislabs+RU201+2020_04

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