Redis Timeseries older timestamp data addition

I have a use case where an agent sends metrics (every 2 seconds) to aggregators behind an ELB, each of which sends received metrics to Redis Timeseries. Now, each agent sends the metric with the timestamp when the metric was extracted to any one of the aggregators behind the ELB so it’s possible that an aggregator might take some time (due to network issue or some issue) and another aggregator sends the metric with latest timestamp.

Because of Redis Timeseries’ restriction of not allowing addition of older timestamp data, I am seeing failures while inserting metric to Redis because of the case above.

My question is - Is it under roadmap to allow adding older timestamp data? How do you recommend solving such cases. Please help.

Hi att,
We are working on a solution for this, in the meantime I can suggest buffering your data for X amount of time (depends on how much delay your system can tolerate) and flush it once it hit that limit.

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