Strategic to manage persistency backups on docker

I am working today with the AOF file via docker volume. each time the server starts it reads the AOF. it comes to a point that I need to wait 10 minutes and more to load the entire graph (using redisgraph).

I want to continue using append-only for durable and high integrity backups, but still when the server loads to load from rdb file since it much faster as far as I read.

Since I have appendonly yes, it will always load from it.
How can I work hybrid?

  1. write snapshots to rdb every minute.
  2. use AOF for backup
  3. load from a snapshot

You may choose to write a cron job to do it.

Append Only File (AOF) Snapshot (RDB)
More resource intensive Less resource intensive
Provides better durability (recover the latest point in time) Less durable
Slower time to recover (Larger files) Faster recovery time
More disk space required (files tend to grow large and require compaction) Requires less resource (I/O once every several hours and no compaction required)