Undersantanding Redis Cache Speed and Priority

Hi guys, sorry if this is not a good question, but I’m trying to understand a behavior that has been happening.
Just a disclaimer, I’m not involved in Redis administration in my company, but my application consumes a lot from Redis.

I have a bunch of servers querying Redis and for simplification the query consists of a pair of keys (key1,key2) and I have a limited number of combinations:
(01, 01)
(01, 02)
(02, 03)
(02, 04)
(03, 05)
(03, 06)

but they are not requested at the same proportion, so 90% of my requests do Redis will be query (01,01).
Will the query that is most used 90% of the time be faster than a query I have to use almost never?

Redis stores all of it’s keys and values in a giant hash table. Assuming these keys (or key pairs) contain comparable data, I would expect the performance to be the same regardless of which set of keys are being retrieved.